WCCO's 1-on-1 interview with Mike Tyson

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"Iron" Mike Tyson was at Target Center in Minneapolis for ESPN's "Friday Night Fights," and WCCO TV's David McCoy had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Tyson.

Here's a portion of the interview, with the full video below.

WCCO: What did you think about when you were in the ring?

Mike Tyson: Winning. Spectacularly. I wanted everybody to always see my name and know who I was. When I was in there, my objective — it doesn’t sound politically correct — but my objective was to destroy the opponent. And that’s what I wanted to do.

WCCO: What do you think of Minneapolis?

Mike Tyson: Minneapolis is very cold. But the people are very warm.


Tyson was in town because his new company, Iron Mike Productions, was promoting the event.

Osseo native Caleb Truax was part of the opening fight on Friday. He and veteran middleweight Ossie Duran fought to a draw.

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