We hate preseson basketball, so do players, Wolves lose at buzzer in Detroit


The Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda is instantly brilliant after catching this tidbit from shooting guard Kevin Martin tonight in Detroit.

That makes us love Martin even more, because the only thing worse than preseason football, is preseason basketball. The best moment of the preseason will be when its over, we'd rather be handing out bread to a pack of hungry geese and be attacked by the vultures, we'd rather watch Lifetime movies for 48 consecutive hours without sleep.

You get the picture.

Rather than try and amuse you with things we'd rather do than care about preseason sports, we should probably care about preseason sports for a few paragraphs.

The Wolves, in their second to last exhibition game of their preseason, made meaningless basketball as exciting as they could, losing on a three-pointer as time expired, a 99-98 final.

With the game tied at 96 with 16 seconds left, J.J. Barea drove to the hoop for the Wolves as the clock wound down, making a layup to give Minnesota a two-point lead with three seconds left.

In response, offseason acquisition Josh Smith did something he's never been good at, stepping out and draining a three to win it as time expired.

Starters minutes took a big spike from last night, when everyone except Robbie Hummel played 18 or less, with the Kevins (Martin and Love) leading the Wolves with 29 minutes apiece.

Thank you Josh Smith, for making that a two and not a three, avoiding the ultimate evil: overtime in the preseason.

Don't worry Kevin Martin, the Wolves preseason ends in six days, as Minnesota plays their last exhibition against the Orlando Magic Wednesday. They open the regular season two days later against Oklahoma City.

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