We made a batting order out of the new foods at Target Field

We ranked our favorite of the new foods at Target Field with a food batting order!

Target Field held its eighth annual unveiling of new ballpark foods today and the list is pretty freaking delicious. We employed Ben, Dana and Giselle from the Go 96.3 morning show to test the foods and make a batting order out of them.

Clearly, the power hitter bats fourth and everything in the top half of our order proved to be tastier than the foods in the bottom of the order.

We lead off with a Bloody Mary and then we get down and dirty with some of the best stuff Target Field has to offer.

1. Bloody Mary with Kramarczuk’s Polish sausage

This beast of a Bloody Mary is again a popular destination selection at Hrbek's. It features four types of sausage along with celery, a big olive and some cheese bites.

2. Kurd-Marczuk's Cheese Curds

More of Kramarczuk's polish sausage mixed with gravy, shredded pepper jack cheese and cheese curds.

3. The Cookie Cart

Not only can you get a six-pack of cookies for $8, but it's a urban non-profit in North Minneapolis that helps provide jobs for teenagers. The peanut butter cookies and toffee cookies and soft and delicious, not to mention the many other options they have. This one is available weekends only.

4. Andrew Zimmern's Flatbread Sandwiches

Your choice of chicken, pork or beef in a flatbread sandwich topped with roasted eggplant spread, herbed yogurt sauce and tomato-cucumber. Trust us, the sauce on this thing is spectacular. 

5. 4 Bells Shrimp Boil

Shrimp, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes and sausage from Butcher and the Boar. Seriously, this mixture is delicious southern comfort food.

6. Hot Indian Foods Chicken Tikka Salad

It's not actually that hot but it is really delicious. If you're looking for a healthy choice, this is our pick.

7. Barrio Chicken Tacos with guacamole

The chicken is great and so is the guacamole with some sort of purple sauce on top of the chicken. They also have this in burrito form.

8. Murray's Steakhouse fresh-shaved smoked beef sandwiches

It's Murray's so you know it's going to be good. Just a basic smoked beef sandwich on a roll toasted with garlic butter. We ate them plain but we bet they'd be even better with some dipping sauce.

9. Garden Goodies

Another healthy option that Giselle really liked. That's the cool thing about modern day baseball, they actual cater to fans looking for healthy options.

There's also the returning food kings from years past, including: Minnie and Paul’s, Pizza Luce, Red Cow, CATCH, Barrio at Senor Smokes, Izzy’s Soft Serve, Izzabella’s Gelato, Kramarczuk’s Sausages, Angie’s Kettle Corn, Turkey To Go, Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich, Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen, Roots for the Home Team, Mac’s Walleye and Chips, Pepsi, Old Dutch Chips, Taste of Schwan’s, Schweigert Hot Dogs, Sheboygan Sausages, Dairy Queen, J&J Snacks, Anheuser Busch, Summit, Koops Mustard, Aquafina, Papa John’s, Giant Snacks, Super Mom’s Mini Donuts, Killebrew Root Beer, Funacho, Pan O’ Gold, Fisher Nuts, Caribou Coffee, Barrio at Gate 6, Murray’s, Darby’s, Surly, Fulton, Lift Bridge, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Franklin Street Bakery, B Smith’s Olive Oil and Ken Davis BBQ.

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