Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Where do Vikings sit?

After back-to-back losses, the Vikings' ship is taking on water in the various NFL power rankings. Here's how the experts regard the 5-4 Vikes...

After cracking the Top 10 in the various NFL Power Rankings a few weeks ago, the Vikings are falling fast. Back-to-back losses will do that to a club, which faces a brutal second-half schedule with two games against Green Bay and Chicago and one against Houston.

So, heading into Sunday's can't-wait-to-get-to-the-bye game against Detroit, here's how the list-makers see Minnesota in the 1 through 32 rankings:

Up first: FoxSports, which dumps the Vikes four spots from last week. Author Brian Billick gives a back-handed compliment, writing Minnesota "outplayed expectations" already anyway.

CBS Sports also has Minnesota down four places from last week, wondering "what has happened to Christian Ponder."

SB Nationdropped the Purple two spots from Week 9. Stinging commentary as well: "We were all fooled by the Vikings."

The Bleacher Reporthas the Vikings down just one notch compared to last week. After Seattle, they're wondering "how good this team really is."

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