Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Where do Vikings sit?

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(Photo courtesy: www.gamedaygold.com.)

After that huge upset victory over Houston, all the Vikings (9-6) have to do to make the playoffs is beat the Green Bay Packers at home Sunday. That's a real ranking based on a real performance.

Fantasy power rankings? Subjective guesses on how good or bad a team really is? Got the latest roundup of 'em right here, heading into Sunday's game:

CBS Sports has Minnesota at No. 14, up two spots from last week. CBS calls the Vikes' playoff push "impressive."

The Bleacher Reportalso has the Vikings at No. 14. As they see it: "For all the negative talk about Christian Ponder and Leslie Frazier, this is a playoff team."

SB Nation has Minnesota at No. 11, up four notches from Week 16. The Vikings, they declare, are "not getting enough attention" after beating Houston.

Fox Sportshas the Vikings at No. 10 this week, up two spots. Author Brian Billick says even though Adrian Peterson didn't get 100 yards against the Texans -- Minnesota "most importantly" won the game.

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