Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Vikings still near the bottom

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International respect might exist after the Vikings beat the Steelers in London, but that same respect still isn't be offered up to the Vikings by American media.

Prime example: Power rankings. Ouch.

NFL.com: 26th, up one spot from 27.

Minnesota is back in the win column and -- thankfully -- Greg Jennings is back to being involved in an NFL offense. Jennings has been so absent this season that your hack of a writer nearly dropped him from his fantasy team. Jennings' line from London was stellar: three catches for 92 yards and two scores. That's more bang for the buck than the Vikings had been receiving from the $17.8 million they guaranteed Jennings back in March.

CBS Sports: 24th, up four spots from 28.

Matt Cassel should be the guy going forward. He gives them the best chance to win. But they are sticking with Christian Ponder.

ESPN: 24th, up two spots from 26

Against at least eight defenders in the box, Matt Cassel was 7-of-10 for 77 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Continuing to produce against front-loaded defenses could change everything for the Vikings.

FOX Sports: 26th, up four spots from 30

So the Vikings receivers had their best outing of the season and so did Adrian Peterson. Does that Matt Cassel earn another start?

ProFootballTalk: 26th, up one spot from 27

Either of the teams that played in Super Bowl IX could have beaten either of the teams that showed up in London on Sunday.

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