Week 5 NFL power rankings: Idle Vikings remain buried


The Minnesota Vikings remain near the bottom of the NFL's power rankings following five weeks of football.

Not even their bye week could save them from some providers, who dropped the Vikings to as low as No. 28. Others were more generous, slotting the Purple as high as No. 23. We'll start with that one...

CBS Sports: No. 23 (up 1 spot)

How long before they turn it over to Josh Freeman? If they want to save their season, it should be sooner rather than later.

NFL.com: No. 28 (down 2 spots)

Many feel that (Josh) Freeman is more talented than Christian Ponder. Moreover, while backup quarterback Matt Cassel led Minnesota to its only win of the season thus far, he is what he is at this point -- which basically is why he was available for the Vikings to sign this spring. So why nottake a flier on Freeman?

ESPN: No. 28 (down 4 spots)

Talk about the other end of the spectrum. Josh Freeman's average throw this season is 10.9 yards downfield, second-deepest. Christian Ponder's 6.9-yard average since last year is the shortest.

USA Today: No. 26 (no change)

Nothing eliminates distraction of a QB controversy like adding another with a losing record to mix.

Yahoo!: No. 26 (down 2 spots)

I like the Josh Freeman signing. You know Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel aren't the long-term answer at quarterback. Nothing to lose by seeing if Freeman can be.

ProFootballTalk: No. 26 (no change)

Maybe they’ll move Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel to receiver, too.

Brian Billick: No. 24 (up 2 spots)

The writing is on the wall for Christian Ponder in Minnesota.

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