Week 6 NFL power rankings: Vikings fall closer to bottom


Getting destroyed at home by the previously 1-3 Carolina Panthers is not how to win the hearts of the heartless NFL power rankings creators.

35-10 was the final score, but everyone knows the Vikings were down 35-3 and didn't score a touchdown until Carolina's starters were resting comfortably on the bench, booking dinner reservations on their smart phones.

The Vikings got manhandledworkedsmokedcrushedblastedtaken behind the woodshed embarrassed, and the results show in the latest power rankings.

NFL.com: #28, Tough loss all around for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings' organization. Peterson didn't have an Adrian Peterson game, gaining just 83 yards from scrimmage. That said, game situation took the Vikings' ground attack out of the mix early. Once again, quarterback was and is a problem for Minnesota, as illustrated by Matt Cassel's stat line: two interceptions and a paltry 5.48 yards per throw. Of course, it's not just the signal-callers; the receivers have to make plays, too.

ESPN: #29, The Vikings' defense has cost the team 44.6 expected points this season, worst in the league. Uncertainty at quarterback and a bad defense could equal a lost season.

FOX Sports: #27, I'd be surprised if it wasn't Josh Freeman behind center against the Giants this week. That way he can have a primer game before facing they Packers in Week 8.

ProFootballTalk: #28, Josh Freeman possibly wants a Mulligan.

CBS Sports: #26, How long before Josh Freeman takes over? It should be this week.

USA Today: #29, Who lasts longest: Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman or Leslie Frazier?

Yahoo! Sports: #29, When you look up at your home scoreboard and see that Carolina is winning 35-3 at the two-minute warning, you've hit rock bottom. Just horrible.

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