Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Where do Vikings sit?

What goes up, must come down. Like Felix Baumgartner, the Vikings head back to Earth after cracking the NFL's Top 10 in a lot of power rankings. But, like Felix, at least it's a soft landing.

Keep winning, and you climb the polls. A loss on the road to Robert Griffin's Washington Redskins -- and you pay for it.

That's the story this week concerning the Vikings on the various power rankings charts. Heading into the Week 7 home game against Arizona, here's how the list-makers see the Purple in the 1 through 32 rankings:

Up first: FoxSports, which drops the Vikes three spots after the Redskins loss. Author Brian Billick says the Purple "simply can’t afford to have Christian Ponder drop back 54 times in a game."

CBS Sports also has Minnesota down three places from last week, saying what we all know: "turnovers will kill you."

The Bleacher Report has the Vikings down three notches as well, but they still say Minnesota "looks like the real deal." The down side? "The Green Bay Packers are lurking, waiting for the Vikings to slip up."

SB Nationalso has the Purple down three spots (it's unanimous!), but offer an excuse: "They got RGIII'd, so you can't blame them too much for that loss."

For the specific numbers and rankings of other teams, please click on the links above. It's invigorating reading, but not as invigorating as this week's top sports story:

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