We're number 25! Latest power-rankings say Twins not worst in MLB

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How can it be that there is even one team in Major League Baseball that is deemed worse than the Minnesota Twins, let alone five?

Some kind of MLB power rankings come out every week, but this week we were sure the Twins would be ranked dead last by this time. Face it, the team is dead, sports fans.

But not last! At least according to the Chicago Tribune's rankings this week.

The Twins come in at a cool number 25, well above the Mariners, the Cubs, the Marlins, the White Sox and the lowly Houston Astros. Of course, the White Sox smoked the Twins on Monday, so perhaps there's some jostling at the bottom.

So there are worse teams in baseball than the Twins. Doesn't that make you feel better?

Even if, as the Star Tribune points out, the Twins now have played 31 games in which they scored one run or fewer.

Then again, this latest ranking puts the Twins 26th. Slipping down a notch.

Number one on both lists? The Boston Red Sox.

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