What are Vikings worth? Forbes updates for 2013


Earlier today, Forbes.com came out with its list of overpaid NFL players -- with two Vikings nabbing the No. 1 and No. 2 slots.

Now, the business news outlet has released its list of most valuable NFL franchises.

No secret (at least, there shouldn't be) at which franchise tops that list. As usual, Dallas is on top, with the Cowboys' worth listed at $2.3 billion dollars.

At the bottom, No. 32, the Oakland Raiders, with a value of $825 million.

The Vikings?

According to the Star Tribune, the purple have topped the billion dollar mark on this list or the first time ever.

But that only gets them the No. 21 spot on the Forbes list.

But, at $1.007 billion, that's still a nice increase on the Wilf family's investment of $600 million when it bought the club from Red McCombs in 2005.

Why are NFL teams so pricey?

Forbes says its mainly due to league revenue increasing 3.6 percent last season, to an average of $286 million per team. In 2011, that number was at $276 million.

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