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What in the world of sports? Arab mascot causes outrage


Today's feature takes you to Coachella Valley High School in California where the school's nickname and mascot are under fire.

The sports teams at the school are nicknamed the "Arabs." The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee sent a letter to the school on Thursday saying the "Arabs" logo and mascot are severe stereotypes, as reported by USA Today.

"ADC strongly believes that use of the word and such imagery perpetuates demeaning stereotypes of Arabs and Arab Americans," wrote Abed Ayoub, legal and policy director for the committee. "The 'Arab' mascot image is a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping which should be eliminated. By allowing continued use of the term and imagery, you are commending and enforcing the negative stereotypes of an entire ethnic group, millions of whom are citizens of this nation."

According to the New York Daily News, the school has used some form of the mascot since 1910.

Included in the letter of complaint was the message that "justifications for these actions are no longer tolerable" in the 21st century.

Actions like these performed in a halftime dance by the mascot and cheerleaders is what the civil rights group is referring to.

The school board at the high school plans to discuss the complaint at its next board meeting on November 21.

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