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What in the world of sports?! Brazilian soccer club has Jacko, Lennon, Ghandi


The point of this "What in the world of sports" feature here at BringMeTheNews is that it's a big, wide, wacky world out there, sports fans, and we sit on our duffs scouring the InterWebs for this wild, weird stuff.

It's hard work.

So, with that we're here to report that Brazilian Serie B club Atletico Goianiense either won or lost to Sport Club du Recife last night. We can't tell, because we don't speak Portuguese. But that's not the point here - soccer games come and go.

The point is that Serie B club has a formidable lineup, including Michael Jackson, John Lennon and Mahatma Ghandi.

The union of this nearly holy triumvirate was big news down under in August, but, hey, even in this fast and furious world, some things slip by.

According to Fox Sports Australia (who knew?), Carlos Adriano, director of football for Brazilian Serie B side Atletico Goianiense, tells reporters the club signed a forward known as Michael Jackson - his real name is Carlos Adriano de Sousa Cruz.

Jackson plays with team members including John Lennon - full name John Lennon Silva Santos - and Mahatma Gandhi, whose full name is Mahatma Gandhi Heber Pio, according to the Advertiser from goodness knows where.

NDTV Sports backs up this somewhat dubious distinction.

The squad also includes a player known as Rafael Gladiador (Gladiator), according to GMA News online, "the go-to site for Filipinos everywhere."

Jackson has played with Brazilian clubs Palmeiras and Fluminense and had a stint playing in China, according to India Today, and does apparently alight the field with some Jacko dances moves.

Jacko to Lennon to Gandhi ... GOAL!!!!!!

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