What in the world of sports?!? Herschel Walker's talent show coming to MN

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Former Viking running back Herschel Walker has worn many hats, or helmets, in his life.

He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, played in the USFL and NFL, was part of one of the most one-sided trades in NFL history, has been a fitness mogul, business owner in the technology field, and mixed-martial artist at the unprecedented age of 50.

Now, Walker is tackling the entertainment side of the public eye.

According to the Pioneer Press, Walker is starting his own talent search "Herschel's Raw Talent", in which he will go to small towns across the country, mainly starting in places he played football, and hold auditions for talented locals.

Should they be up to Walker's standards, he would highlight the subject online, an idea he got from seeing how well YouTube acts were doing.

The proceeds of Walker's endeavor would go to charity, in addition to, as Walker put it, "back in their (the talent) pockets."

Walker said he will be stopping in Minnesota at some point and will likely hold auditions just outside the Twin Cities, in which talent will have 2 1/2 minutes to do "something that would make people go wow."

Walker plans on starting the tour Jan. 18 in Dublin, Georgia, the state he played his college football.

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