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What in the world of sports?! Homeless man disses Detroit, Burleson


Tough crowd, those Detroit Lions fans, even when someone's trying to help them out.

That's the discovery for receiver and former Viking Nate Burleson, when he was feeding homeless people at a church in downtown Detroit Monday.

As the Detroit Free Press tells it, Burleson went on the air for a interview with a local Detroit sports radio station and talked about getting razzed from a guy he was feeding.

“I just got back from feeding some homeless in downtown Detroit,” Burleson said during an interview with 105.1 FM, according to Pro Football Talk. “Not saying that to get a pat on the back, but I was sitting there — it was a happy moment, you see smiles on peoples’ faces, giving hugs and taking pictures — and one guy who was there getting some food said, ‘Man, you guys are sorry. Same old Lions.’”

The instinct, of course, was to stand up for his team, which happens to be in a race for the NFC North title. But Burleson, who played for the Vikings from 2003-2005, says he knows what the guy means. Especially after blowing a lead in Philadelphia on Sunday.

"But deep down inside, I understood exactly where he was coming from,” Burleson, according to ESPN. “I’m not surprised. I told him that."

However, stranger things have happened to Burleson this season, like when he broke his arm in a car accident trying to save a pizza from sliding off the back seat.

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