What in the world of sports? Knicks owner nixes dancers


To use the title of an old television show, there's a wide world of sports out there. So wide, in fact, it often gets wacky, if not downright weird.

In that spirit, we introduce a regular feature called, as you can see above, "What in the World of Sports." This name continues to be the source of the debate at the BringMeTheNews sports desk, so we shall see. But we all agree on this one: Strange story up ahead.

We journey all the way back to Sunday, when the Minnesota Timberwolves were pretty much frustrating the New York Knicks all night en route to a 109-100 victory.

But apparently no one was more frustrated than owner of the Knicks and chairman of Madison Square Garden James Dolan. The Knicks are off to a 1-2 start and got thumped by theTimberwolves, and apparently Dolan has much higher expectations, says NBC's Pro Basketball Talk.

So, apparently he freaked. Here's the story, according to the New York Daily News:

"According to several sources, Dolan was ready to erupt after the Knicks surrendered 40 first-quarter points and as the deficit ballooned to 23 Dolan went hunting for Steve Mills, the team’s new president and general manager."

The upshot? Dolan did the only sensical thing. He fired the cheerleaders.

Well, no, not really, but the owner had to turn his heat on someone, so he picked the Knicks City Dancers.

"Dolan has become such a hands-on owner — figuratively speaking — that, according to a source, he doesn’t want the dancers dancing," reports the Daily News. "Crazy, right? The same guy who wanted creative input on the dancers’ outfits (and he’s good at it) apparently ordered that the girls’ roles be reduced to mostly throwing T-shirts into the crowd."

No dances? No cheers? T-shirt duty? We're not alone in thinking this is a little nuts, even CBS Sports and Fox Sports picked it up.

And for that, we give you, James Dolan, a big old BMTN "What in the world of sports are you doing, man?"

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