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What in the world of sports?!? Peyton Manning's Papa John's robbed


You know all those Papa John's commercials with Peyton Manning acting as a spokesman to pedal the Papa's product?

Turns out he's not peddling just for the Papa, he's pedaling for the Peyton too.

In fact, things were going pretty good at Peyton's 21 Papa John's locations, until Sunday.

While Peyton was busy picking apart the not-undefeated-anymore Kansas City Chiefs, some thieves were picking through one of Peyton's cash registers.

At the Peyton-owned Papa John's closest to the University of Denver, two crooks allegedly walked into the pizza place wielding guns, and demanded the register money from the employees.

TMZ first reported it, but don't worry, CBS also confirmed, while multiple other outlets have run with the report.

We have a feeling a little money out of a register won't do big time damage to the NFL's elder Manning, considering he signed a five-year, $96 million deal to join Denver last year.

Those 21 stores he franchised aren't doing too bad either, with some reports saying that profits at those particular pie-slinging locations are up, some reporting a nearly 25 percent boost from pre-Peyton ownership.

Some guys have all the luck.

OK, Peyton's pretty good too.

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