What should the Twins do?

Now that the World Series is over, it's time for teams to beef up their rosters and sign a few free agents. Big question: What should the Twins do to bounce back from the 99-loss albatross that was 2011? Click here for the latest gossip and guesses from the Hot Stove League.

Let the second-guessing begin. As the free agency period goes into full swing, Twins general manager Bill Smith has the pleasure of A) hearing from fans calling for his head on a pike and B) trying to figure out how to put his smushed, injury-riddled, no-defense, 99-loss team back together again.

Of course, the Web is filled with opinions from experts who have thought about this for a very long time. Here's a few examples of the best research on the topic we could find:

First, from Jim Crickett of the Knuckleballs blog. His "Offseason 2012 Twins Blueprint" calls for not only bringing back Nick Punto from the world champion Cardinals, but re-signing ... drumroll... Matt Capps.

More jaw-dropping moves come from a Bleacher Report post. Writer Tim Arcand contends the Twins should add big-name free agents from Texas, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Over the MLBTradeRumors.com, we love how Ben Nicholson-Smith outlines how much money every key Twin is making, as well the status of their contracts. His bottom line: The Twins "need pitching, and lots of it to be better in 2012." Goes without saying.

The other bottom line, smartly outlined by Twins writer Joe Christensen, is the fact that the last two World Series victors didn't spend much on the open market. If the Twins spend anything, he argues it'll be to keep their own.

What do you think? If you were Bill Smith, what would you do to rebuild this winter? Let us know...

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