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What's it mean? Peterson's agent wears Bucs hat in photo


Adrian Peterson's agent is stirring the pot of trade speculation through social media.

Late Monday night, Ben Dogra posted a picture of himself on Facebook wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cap while holding a football in a chair covered with a Peterson jersey. The only message Dogra delivers is, "Game on!"

This apparently isn't Dogra's first attempt to troll the Vikings on Facebook. Last Tuesday, he offered this quote in response to a photo the Vikings posted of general manager Rick Spielman on the phone: “I might need a weapon for my franchise QB . . . . maybe a WR . . . maybe from Louisville. I just hope they can turn the pick in while they are on the clock. It’s happened in the past . . . multiple times. . . .”

Pro Football Talk notes that Dogra's quote is a reference to multiple clock violations in past NFL Drafts, specifically, the 2003 draft in which time ran out on the Vikings and they wound up using the ninth pick rather than their slot at No. 7.

At this point nobody knows what Dogra is trying to accomplish with his Facebook activity. However, he's made it clear in the past that he doesn't believe it's in Peterson's best interest to remain a Viking.

A report on Monday said that if the Vikings don't trade Peterson before or during the NFL Draft, he won't be traded at all.

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