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Wheaties loves Michael Phelps so much it gave him a special box


Michael Phelps will be featured on the Wheaties box again.

The legendary swimmer has appeared on the cereal twice before, but this time is different.

Phelps is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Wheaties box – a first in the brand's 94-year history, General Mills announced Monday.

The box was revealed on the "Today Show" the same morning.


Phelps won five more gold medals and a silver at the 2016 Olympics in Rio this year. With 23 Olympic titles and 28 medals, he's the most decorated Olympian in history, according to the games' official website.

His first appearance on the iconic Wheaties box was in 2004, after winning six gold and two bronze medals, General Mills said. Then he was back on the box in 2012 after receiving 22 career medals.

Other athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have appeared on the box multiple times, but this is the first Lifetime Achievement edition from Wheaties.

“I am honored to receive the first Lifetime Achievement box from Wheaties. For me it’s another achievement that I’ve been able to accomplish that is still so wild to think of. Every day I kind of pinch myself to see if this is real life," Phelps told General Mills.

It will appear on store shelves in the U.S. within a few weeks.

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