When can the Twins compete again?

Are you watching the baseball playoffs, looking at all those happy people enjoying October do-or-die games? Wondering when Target Field will be packed with wild-eyed, pennant-fevered fans once again? Here's a rundown of where Minnesota sits as another long winter sets in.

When can the Twins compete again?

That's the question posted at the TwinsDaily.com blog, with writer Seth Stohs wondering, "If you were in charge, would you look toward winning in 2013, 2014 or something in the 3-5 year range?"

If the Twins choose to rebuild for 2013, the Bleacher Report has a list of five useful free agentswho could help. Three are playing in the postseason right now.

Another post-season review/2013 preview comes from Fox Sports North's Tyler Mason. This week, he examined the entire Minnesota roster and the short-term decisions that need to be made. Part 1 focused on starting pitching. Part 2,the bullpen. Part 3, Minnesota's outfield. Part 4, decisions in the infield.

Twins fans, meanwhile, got a huge dose of deja vu Wednesday night while watching the Orioles-Yankees playoff game. The Yankees’ Raul Ibanez hit a game-tying homer in the 9th and a game-winning homer in the 12th to beat Baltimore. Three years ago ... almost to the day...Joe Nathan was on the mound and gave up a game-tying ninth-inning homer to Alex Rodriguez, which led to a crushing 4-3 extra-innings Twins defeat.

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