White Sox pitcher flips out and takes scissors to team's jerseys

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Chicago White Sox pitcher, Chris Sale, was supposed to start on the mound for Chicago on Saturday but was reportedly sent home because of a clubhouse incident.

Some were originally speculating that Sale might be getting traded because his name has been flirted around the MLB rumor mill. It was also reported that Sale had fallen under the weather with the flu.

But the real story here is that Chris Sale was so upset about having to wear a throwback jersey he decided during batting practice that he would take a pair of scissors and cut up the team's jerseys.




The White Sox released this statement shortly before their game with the Detroit Tigers.


Sale has had disagreements with ownership in the past which is why experts believe he could be traded before the MLB trade deadline on Aug. 1st. Regardless, it seems Sale may just want to "cut" his ties with Chicago.

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