Who's Bud Grant? Let this new NFL Films documentary explain

Even if you know about Bud Grant, the 20 minute segment on him is worth the time.
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Nobody under 30 was even alive when Bud Grant was coaching.

And even if you remember his single-season encore in 1985, you may have missed the 18 years he spent coaching the Vikings before that.

So if you have 20 minutes to spend getting to know him, NFL Films has a new introduction to the Hall of Fame coach.

You can also read Grant's bio on his Pro Football Hall of Fame page, check out what he had to say in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, or read what Newsweek had to say about him or why ESPN ranked him one of the NFL's 15 greatest coaches.

Of Grant's many honors, one of the most recent was last month's induction into the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ring of honor. Grant played for the Canadian Football League team in his younger days (after winning a couple NBA championships with the Minneapolis Lakers) and then coached the Blue Bombers for a decade.

But don't let us spoil it – watch the video above to meet Bud.

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