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Wiggins is key for the Wolves – so what does he need to work on?

What path is Andrew Wiggins on?

Andrew Wiggins probably has a solid future ahead of him in the NBA. Last season he put himself in elite company with LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal by averaging 20 points per game at the age of 20 years old.

But this new story by ESPN has some great insight on to where things might go from here.

Players like Elton Brand and Tyreke Evans have accomplished the same feat at his age – and with no disrespect to Brand or Evans, Wiggins' career would be a disappointment if his career ended up like theirs.

So which track is he on? Will he be as elite as LeBron or Shaq? Or were is his stats just inflated on a young and inexperienced Timberwolves team?

What he needs to improve

ESPN discusses that Wiggins needs to improve on his 3-point shooting to be a complete offensive player. But he's actually struggled elsewhere too.

Wiggins really struggled at converting layups last season, hitting just 36 percent of those attempts. Sure he gets to the free throw line a ton, but that figure needs to improve.

And overall his jump shot needs to be better too. Wiggins attempted 519 jump shots and just 142 of them found the basket. That's a shooting percentage of just 27 percent.

Check out the story to read what Brian Windhost thinks.

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