Wiggins leaked the new Wolves uniforms on Instagram

Wiggins is breaking news and he's not even trying to.

It's been a hot rumor on social media this week that the below image of Karl-Anthony Towns from the video game NBA 2K18 is a leak of the new Nike Timberwolves uniforms that have yet to go public. 

It's more than a hot rumor now that Andrew Wiggins posted a photo on Instagram wearing shorts that look identical to the pair Towns is wearing in the video game. 

They have the same blue stripe going laterally across the bottom, but above the dark base. And if you look closely, you'll see the official NBA logo on the top of the pair Wiggins is wearing. 

The Wolves are scheduled to release the new uniform styles, of which there will be three, this week. 

Either Wiggins made an oopsie or this is brilliant marketing by the Wolves to get people talking about the uniforms. 

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