Wildlife Science Center says they're being evicted


The Wildlife Science Center in Anoka County says they're being evicted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The wildlife center – which works to help endangered animals – made a long post on Facebook saying they've leased the land from the DNR since 1991. Now they have to leave the Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area near Forest Lake in six months.

The center says they'll have to move all their wolves, bears and birds. They already have the land they will move to, according to Facebook, but they still have to build pricey habitats for the animals along with other buildings.

Peggy Callahan, the founder and executive director, told WCCO she thinks the eviction notice has to do with property control. But the DNR told the station it has to do with safety.

Late rent payments, property maintenance, and keeping "dangerous dogs" on site are just a few reasons the DNR told WCCO they're terminating the lease early.

However, Callahan says the center poses no safety risks.


The DNR says they've reached out to the center and have given them the chance to make adjustments and be on good terms with the lease, but that has not happened according to WCCO.

The Wildlife Science Center is asking the public to help fund their move. Their goal is $500,000 according to the fundraising page.

The facility homes the largest population of captive wolves in North America, 10 black bears, four mountain lions, four bobcats, two lynx, nine birds, foxes, raccoons, skunks and a porcupine, KSTP says.

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