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Wilfs owe $84.5 million in New Jersey fraud case


$84.5 million is the price Vikings ownership will pay in damages to former business parters to fulfill an order from a New Jersey judge on Monday.

The fine is the result of a lengthy civil suit that dates back to 1992, when Zygi and Mark Wilf, along with their cousin, Leonard Wilf, committed real estate fraud in an apartment complex development deal, the courts says.

The fine covers compensatory damages, punitive damages and a redistribution of profits, according to the Star Tribune.

The case has been the center of attention for months after the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority questioned the Wilfs' ability to finance their $477 million portion of the new $975 million Vikings stadium, which is scheduled to break ground near the site of the Metrodome late this fall.

An investigation by the state into the Wilfs' finances earlier this month concluded that the Wilfs could fund their portion of the stadium bill regardless of the fine.

WCCO's Pat Kessler notes that the Wilfs plan to keep fighting in the case.

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