Will President Obama step in and remove Christian Ponder as Vikings starting QB?


We would hope the answer is no, because Barack has more pressing issues on his plate, right?

The list doesn't read; Syria, healthcare, Ponder, does it?

One Vikings fan hopes the list does read something like that, and has taken matters into his/her own hands, going right to the top.

In a petition you can find here, said purple supporter asks for President Obama to "remove Christian Ponder as the Vikings starting quarterback by executive order."

Apparently, it has come to this.

Ponder has been under fire since he was drafted 12th overall by the Vikings in 2011, many claiming he was taken too high, with on-field results backing up that assertion.

He currently ranks 29th in the NFL in passer rating after two weeks and two Minnesota losses. In 2012, Ponder ranked 31st in the league in passing yards per game of 32 qualified QBs.

If you need any more evidence on top of the stats, White House petition, and constant criticism Ponder receives during the week, just check out Twitter on Sundays, it's a hatefest on No. 7.

Still, none of that beats going straight to the most powerful man in the world to help out your team.

So far, there's only one signature on the petition, but can you imagine if Obama obliged?

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