Will Torii's tantrum cost him a suspension from MLB?

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Will Torii Hunter's tantrum after he was called out on strikes Wednesday night result in a suspension?

For those that missed the end of Wednesday night's 7-2 Twins loss to Kansas City, missed Hunter's frustrations boil over after he was ejected by home plate umpire Mark Ripperger.

Torii Hunter got really, really mad last night (via @cjzero): http://t.co/0QNhHvit16pic.twitter.com/i6t1lYJ89B

— SB Nation (@SBNation) June 11, 2015

The Star Tribune's LaValle E. Neal notes that it will be interesting to see if Hunter's past comes into play as the league decides if it will suspend him.

Hunter was suspended for four games in 2010 after he tossed a bag of baseballs onto the field following his ejection over a strike three call from home plate umpire Ron Kulpa.

Here are a couple of Hunter's other infamous moments.

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According to the Star Tribune, the league usually takes 2-3 days to decide about player suspensions.

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