Williams on controversial tweet: 'It was just a dumb comment'


Rodney Williams is covering his tracks in reference to a controversial tweet he sent out after last week's home loss to Michigan.

Head coach Tubby Smith questioned his team's work-ethic in practices leading up to the game -- and that's where the story goes two ways.

1) The next morning Williams tweeted:

It seemed like the tweet was directed at Smith for questioning the players' intensity. On Tuesday he said it was a reaction to "outside comments," not Smith's.

"It was just a dumb comment I made,” he told the Star Tribune. “I was just mad about everything. I should have never made that comment.”

2) Smith told the media on Tuesday that he shouldn't have questioned the players' work-ethic in practice because a couple of guys (Williams and Joe Coleman) weren't able to go very hard in practice because of injuries.

"I think we were trying to be less intense because we just wanted to make sure everybody was healthy,” Smith said. “So that probably was a poor depiction on my part to do it that way."

In the meantime, the Gophers play at Northwestern on Wednesday night. Take a look at the matchup by the numbers. 

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