Win or lose, AP says 'I'm the MVP'


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Earlier this week, jaws dropped a bit when San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss said he considers himself the greatest WR of all time.

Another Viking great, Adrian Peterson, is also talking about himself. He told the NFL Network that he'll be "disappointed" if he's not named the league's most valuable player Saturday. Win or lose, Peterson says in his heart "I'm the MVP".

Peterson's primary competition is Denver quarterback Peyton Manning, who is on record (tongue firmly in cheek) accusing AP of lobbying for the award.

Maybe Manning is right. Peterson, making the interview rounds in New Orleans -- site of Sunday's Super Bowl -- also told NBC's Dan Patrick that he hopes to eclipse his 2012 rushing total of 2,097 yards.

His new goal?

"I set the mark for 2,500," Peterson said.

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