Wins and losses depend almost entirely on Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins might be the key to giving the Wolves a chance to win every night.

Andrew Wiggins has been a boom or bust player this season. And the Wolves have boomed or busted right along with him.

The 21-year-old "Maple Jordan" (he's from Toronto so it makes sense) is averaging career highs in nearly every statistical category. But the number of clunkers he's had is alarmingly high.

  • Nov. 5 at Oklahoma City: 7 points on 3 of 13 shooting
  • Nov. 12 vs. L.A. Clippers: 22 points on 8 of 24 shooting
  • Nov. 19 at Memphis: 7 points on 2 of 12 shooting
  • Nov. 21 vs. Boston: 14 points on 5 of 18 shooting
  • Nov. 23 at New Orleans: 13 points on 2 of 19 shooting
  • Nov. 28 vs. Utah: 13 points on 6 of 16 shooting
  • Dec. 6 vs. San Antonio: 11 points on 5 of 12 shooting

Based on those games, all losses, it's fair to say the Wolves go as Wiggins goes. And that's not good when he's not on his game one-third of the time.

If Wiggins is really bad, the Wolves get blown out

Wiggins shot a combined 31-of-114 (27.2 percent) while averaging 12.4 points in the seven games listed above. Minnesota lost all seven and averaged just 93 points. That's 11 points below their season average of 104.1.

The losses were by an average of 15 points.

If Wiggins is really good, the Wolves win in a blowout

When Wiggins shoots greater than 50 percent the Wolves are undefeated (5-0) and averaging a Warriors-like 119.8 points per game. Minnesota won those games by an average of 21 points.

Minnesota is actually 0-3 when Wiggins shoots exactly 50 percent. That was the case in the first, second and fourth games of the season, all games they could have, or should have, won.

What we've learned

  • Wolves are 5-0 when Wiggins shoots greater than 50 percent
  • Wolves barely lost 3 games when Wiggins shot exactly 50 percent
  • Wolves are 0-7 when Wiggins throws up a stink bomb

That leaves six games out of 21 the Wolves have played ... and Minnesota had a chance to win five of those. The lone exception was a 13-point loss at Golden State.

  1. Wiggins scored 36 and the Wolves lost a back-and-forth game to Brooklyn.
  2. Wiggins scored 29 and the Wolves blew a 12-point halftime lead and lost to Charlotte.
  3. Wiggins scored 25 to help the Wolves rally for a win in Phoenix.
  4. Wiggins scored 16 in a loss to the seemingly unstoppable Warriors.
  5. Wiggins scored 19 in a loss to the Knicks. Karl-Anthony Towns had 47 in that game.
  6. Wiggins scored 19 in another close loss to the Knicks.

When Wiggins plays really well on the offensive end the Wolves are really hard to beat. When Wiggins is solid the Wolves usually have a chance to win. And when Wiggins is bad the Wolves have no chance.

Defense is still the main area of concern with the Wolves, but Wiggins has way too many off-nights compared to anyone else on the team.

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