With 7 games left, Twins can still make (some) noise

Sure, they've lost 90 games for a second straight year. But there are a few silver linings left in the Twins gloomy 2012 season.
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The casual Twins fan may look at the standings and declare that 2012 needs no further attention.

We digress.

The diehard Twins fan knows better.

For example: Joe Mauer. He's now (as of 9:17 a.m. Wednesday) just three points behind Mr. "I-might-win-the-triple-crown" Miguel Cabrera in the AL batting race. Mauer is hitting .326, Cabrera is hitting .329.

Manager Ron Gardenhire calls his catcher amazing.

The Twins also have three games left against Cabrera's Detroit Tigers, who are in a flat-footed first place tie (as of 9:23 a.m. Wednesday) with the Chicago White Sox in the American League Central Division. A Twins sweep this weekend at home could shatter Detroit's playoff hopes.

As for the Twins, they are in a race of their own. The race to stay out of last place in the division. Right now (as of 9:26 a.m. Wednesday), Minnesota is one full game ahead of the Indians, in sole possession of fourth place. Minnesota finishes the season against the Tigers and Blue Jays. Cleveland finishes against the Royals and White Sox.

Minnesota won't be in the playoffs. They've been out of the race since May. But as we head to October, there's still something to see here...

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