With reservations, city council votes for $9M more for Saints ballpark


One chapter of the saga to bring a new Saints ballpark to St. Paul's Lowertown appears to be over, with the St. Paul City Council voting 6-0 for the city to help cover $9 million in cost overruns.

The Pioneer Press says several city council members had misgivings, but ultimately decided the project needs to go forward.

"Please don't come back to us and ask for another dime on this project," said council member Dan Bostrom, according to the PiPress. "We've been bled enough on this deal."

The cost of the project jumped from $54 million to $63 million.

As the paper notes, some $6 million is for added construction costs, and at least $3 million for soil remediation on the proposed site. Demolition of the old Gillette plant in St. Paul started with a ceremony two weeks ago.

KSTP-TV says the St. Paul Saints will pitch in another million dollars, $2 million will come from previously unused state grant funds and $6 million will come from an "internal loan" that the city will make to itself.

The Pioneer Press says the $2 million will come from a state-funded annual grant for St. Paul sports facilities, an offshoot of the 2012 tax bill funded the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis.

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