Wolves are officially the greatest losing team in NBA history

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Feeling the Monday blues to the Nth degree thanks to the soul-crushing loss the Vikings endured on Sunday?

It could be worse. The Timberwolves lost to the Mavericks on Sunday and in doing so became the NBA's all-time worst franchise, but only in terms of winning percentage.

In 27 years of existence, the Timberwolves have won 830 games and lost 1,292 games. And according to Basketball Reference, that makes for an all-time winning percentage of 39.1, surpassing the Los Angeles Clippers (39.2 percent) for the lowest active winning percentage for a franchise in NBA history.

Hat tip to Reddit for the story.

Technically, it's the second lowest all time because the 1950 Denver Nuggets, who are not affiliated with today's Denver Nuggets, had a winning percentage of 17.7 in their only season.

When it comes to pure volume, the Sacramento Kings are the losing champs, having lost 2,878 games in 68 years of existence. The Warriors are a close second with 2,877 losses over 70 years.

The Orlando Magic, which entered the NBA the same year as the Wolves (1990), have won 217 more games than Minnesota, but they had a guy named Shaq for a little while.

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