Wolves bringing back throwback uniforms next season?

They would be part of Nike's uniform rollout.
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NBA uniform insider Conrad Burry says he's confident the Timberwolves will wear throwback uniforms on occasion during the 2018-19 season. 

Which throwbacks?

Not the original "Wolves" uniforms worn by the likes of Doug West and Pooh Richardson, but the black uniform that the team wore from 1996-2008 during the bulk of the Kevin Garnett era. 

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The inclusion of throwback uniforms is part of the NBA's uniform deal with Nike, which released new looks for all 30 NBA teams this season. It did away with "home" and "away" uniforms and replaced it with four different styles: 

  1. Association Edition (Wolves white uniforms)
  2. Icon Edition (Wolves dark blue uniforms)
  3. City Edition (Wolves grey uniforms)
  4. Classic Edition


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Only 8 teams have worn Classic Edition uniforms this season, so Minnesota's throwback blacks would be part of that rollout. 

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