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Wolves' Budinger out indefinitely after knee surgery


The Timberwolves announced Tuesday morning that Chase Budinger had successful arthroscopic surgery on his injured knee - and a meniscectomy was performed - and will now be out indefinitely.

The team tweeted this:

The Star Tribune notes that Andrews performed last November's knee surgery on Budinger, when he missed 59 games with a lateral tear in his meniscus in 2012-13

The actual healing in regards to inside the knee can be a bit tricky, depending on the severity of the repair and the severity of the removal of cartilage, according to CBS Sports: "The likelihood of Budinger missing the entire preseason and then some is high."

Cheer down, Wolves fans. As NBC Sports points out, The good news is the other key players on a Minnesota team snakebite by injuries last season — Kevin LoveRicky RubioKevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic — are still healthy. "If they can stay that way this very well could be a playoff team in the West."

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