Wolves' owner Taylor sees playoffs in the picture


Glen Taylor, the owner of your Minnesota Timberwolves, is not prone to hyperbole. But he apparently is quite confident that his team can end a post-season drought that goes back nine years.

Can the team make it? "I'm sure of that," Taylor tells Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press. But he makes it clear that he's not setting the goal - he's hearing it from players and coaches.

"If I set it, it means nothing," says the boss.

A remarkable lack of ego compared to many NBA owners. But Taylor has been saying this to Walters for some time now, going back to May 2012, when he told Walters that the team had the players to make a playoff run.

Of course, that team was beset with injuries, and perhaps that's what the difference is for Taylor this time: If the team stays healthy ...

Then in August, Taylor told Walters that the team was "on the right path."

Now he has one thing to offer in his assessment of this year's team, which some people are doubting: "We're going to be a much better defensive team than we're going to be individually."

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