Wolves 'tested to the max' by injuries

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Nikola Pekovic has done everything he normally would in practice the last two days, and he expects to return from his sprained ankle when the Wolves host Denver Wednesday night. Rick Adelman joked that he hopes nothing bad happens to Pekovic between now and the game -- like getting injured bowling.

J.J. Barea says he felt good enough on Tuesday that he'll try to play against Denver, too.

FOX Sports North's Joan Neisen writes that Rick Adelman deserves a lot of credit for keeping the Wolves above .500 while playing nine games in the first 15 days of the season.

President of Basketball Operations David Kahn tells the Pioneer Press that the injuries are unfortunate, but Adelman has dealt with situations like this when he coached in Sacramento and Houston.

Perhaps even a bigger reason for the early success is because of the way Andrei Kirilenko has played.

Adelman admits that "it's been hard" dealing with injuries, but he knows that when Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio come back, they're "going to be better."

Brandon Roy is out for at least a month after undergoing a seventh surgery on his knees earlier this week. Dana Wessel wonders if the Roy experiment will come to an end sooner than later.

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