Wolves Wednesday: Expect a win, because there's two sides to every stat


Much has been made of the Wolves going 0-for-9 this season when attempting to get back above .500.

Heck, we're just as guilty as others. Our last headline wrapping up a Wolves game? "Wolves outgunned in San Antonio, 0-9 when attempting to get above .500 this year".

Shame on us, piling on to a plucky club that just so happens to not like playing defense.

That being said, we only report the facts, so when we say the Wolves are 0-9 this year when trying to get above .500, that means we need to give the other side of the story. It's just the right thing to do.

The other side of said story says Minnesota is playing pretty darn good basketball the game before trying to get above even on the season.

How good? How about 8-2 when trying to reach .500 this year.

Not that we're experts, but .800 basketball is pretty good, enough to be No. 1 in the Western or Eastern conference most years that Michael Jordan isn't playing basketball.

Minnesota's opponent who will surely lose tonight are the Kings, who lose plenty on their own, at 13-22 this year.

Throw in the buzzsaw that are the Wolves trying to get back to .500, and Derrick Williams and Sacramento have the most minute of chances at Target Center Wednesday.

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