Wolves Wednesday: Twins manager Tom Kelly is the greatest, did Wolves laundry

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It's hump day, so you know what that means, time for another fun-filled version of Wolves Wednesday featuring a fun fact or story you may not have known about your favorite hardwood club.

In the first version of 2014, a Steve Aschburner article on NBA.com highlighting the Metrodome's final days has a juicy nugget on just how awesome Tom Kelly is.

We already knew Kelly was the man, whether it be winning World Series or calling Dick Bremer "Richard" on Twins broadcasts, the greatness really doesn't stop.

So let's just let this bit of 25-years-ago knowledge reinforce the point.

According to Aschburner, equipment manager Clayton Wilson says Kelly used to do the Minnesota Timberwolves laundry when they played in the Dome their inaugural season of 1989-90 to give the regular laundry guy the night off.

Aschburner makes it sound as if it was just happenstance that Kelly was at the Dome working the same time as the Wolves were getting chewed out by head coach Bill Musselman in their 22-win season.

While it very well could've been coincidence, stopping and doing a team's laundry is no coincidence, it's just Kelly being phenomenal as usual.

Congrats Tom, you continue to impress in the new year.

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