Woodbury Royals outfit baseball stadium with 400 old Dome seats


400 blue plastic seats from the recently demolished Metrodome have a new home at Woodbury High School's baseball stadium.

The Woodbury Bulletin has the full story, but Royals Stadium, where the school's baseball team plays, is now fully outfitted with 400 seats that spent a previous life under the teflon sky at the Dome.

Woodbury baseball coach Kevin McDermott wanted his stadium to have a part of Major League Baseball history, just like two other local ballparks.

Joe Schleper Stadium is home to the Shakopee Sabres, among many other teams, and its seating is made up of 500 seats from Metropolitan Stadium. Met Stadium was home to the Vikings and Twins before the Metrodome was opened in 1981.

Lakeland Union High School's baseball stadium in Eagan was fitted in 2012 with 500 seats from Milwaukee County Stadium, which housed the Milwaukee Braves and Brewers from 1953-2000.

The history is nice, but the perfect fit in McDermott's eyes was that his Woodbury Royals would have royal-blue seats.

“I’m thinking, ‘Geez, these things are royal blue – you can’t fit it any better,’” McDermott said.

Woodbury's booster clubs raised money to purchase the seats for $40 each, the same price southern Minnesota high school United South Central paid to outfit its new football stadium with 840 Metrodome seats.

As for Woodbury's varsity baseball team, it plays Stillwater in an elimination game of the Class 3A, Section 4 baseball tournament on Saturday.

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