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World Series 2016: 5 Cubs fan essentials

Here's what the die-hards are rocking this October.

As the Cubs and Indians go deeper into the 2016 World Series, the fans are going deeper too.

Cubbies fans have a style all their own for pushing their teams to victory. Here's what the die-hards are holding up this October.

“It’s Gonna Happen” signs and shirts - Here's 108 years of Cubs' optimism in one phrase.

#Bryzzo - Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo combined for 215 runs, 211 RBIs and great dance moves this year. Over the past year, the nickname Bryzzo was coined for the duo and cemented with their own MLB commercial.

Goat figurine - The curse won’t be lifted until honor is restored to the billy goat.

#FlytheW flag - A staple in Wrigley Field has become the white flags with a large blue “W” on it.

"Go Cubs Go" song - Cubs fans make sure warm their vocal cords before singing the well-known song at the top of their lungs after a win. This family in Nebraska used it as a theme for their holiday decorations.

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