World Series 2016: 5 Indians fan essentials

How to cultivate tribe vibes this October.

As the Cubs and Indians go deeper into the 2016 World Series, the fans are going deeper too.

Here's what the die-hards supporting Cleveland are holding up this October.

#believeland - The city was nicknamed "Believeland" because of the fans who never gave up on their city’s teams. After the Cavaliers’ title, this feels all-the-more real.

Ricky Vaughn jersey - The fictional 1989 baseball flick Major League followed a Cleveland Indians team who found success despite having Charlie Sheen on their squad. Now Vaughn jerseys and thick-rimmed glasses are reviving Sheen’s character, Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, all over the place.

Jobu figurine - Another reference to Major League, Jobu is a voodoo doll that woke up Pedro Cerrano’s bats. Many fans may be seen with Jobu figurines offering him rum and cigars.

LeBron apparel - Another good luck charm for the Indians’ fans is LeBron James. With his confidence in the Indians, many fans are wearing LeBron tees under their Indians’ jersey in hopes of bringing another championship title to Cleveland this year.

Drums - John J. Adams began drumming at Indians’ games in 1973. Now his bass drum has become a part of Cleveland history. Joining Adams with a drum and sending ‘tribe vibes’ is customary.

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