Would blaze pink encourage more women to hunt? Wisconsin thinks it might


In a bid to boost the number of women hunters, Wisconsin lawmakers have come up with a new idea: Blaze pink hunting clothing.

Bipartisan members of the legislature's sportsmen's caucus will unveil a bill next week that would make it legal for hunters to wear blaze pink, as well as the customary orange, the Associated Press reports.

The plan is being pushed by State Assembly Democrat Nick Milroy (South Range) and Senate Republican Terry Moulton (GOP), who say it is designed to encourage more women to try deer hunting.

"Deer hunting is a popular pastime with more than 608,000 hunting licenses purchased last year," Moulton wrote in a column for The Dunn County News. "New female hunters outnumber new male hunters three to one."

Moulton said that the sportsmen's caucus met with a color scientist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who conducted experiments that determined that blaze pink was actually more visible than blaze orange, which is the current mandatory safety requirement for hunters.

WTAQ reports Milroy is expected to hold a news conference on Tuesday to announce a bill that would allow hunters to wear pink as well as the traditional orange.

AP notes that nine female legislatures are part of the caucus group suggesting the bill, with Democrat State Sen. Janet Bewley saying: "Anything that gets people more excited about getting out in the woods and enjoying hunting is a good thing."

FOX 6 reports females accounted for 35 percent of adults and 36 percent of juniors who bought deer hunting licenses for the first time ever or the first time in 10 years in 2014.

Females make up about 10 percent of the state's deer hunters above the age of 12, and a quarter of those aged 10 to 12, according to reports.

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