Yank vs Brit: Fantasy football head-to-head Week 1


Joe Nelson is BTMN's sports producer who knows his way around the Gridiron, Adam Uren is BMTN's news producer from the U.K., who spends his time telling everyone how soccer is the much better sport.

Over the NFL season, the pair will pick a fantasy football team each week using DraftKings rankings and prices ($50,000 limit) to see who gets bragging rights not just in the office, but also for their country.

First, some smack talk:

Joe: "Not since 1765 will a Brit have taken such a beating."

Adam: "That's not very nice. I wish you the very best of luck, my good sir."

Joe's team

QB: Matt Stafford DET (@ IND), $7,200: If he doesn't get killed he'll throw for 300 yards and 2-3 touchdowns. (Actual score: 31)

RB: Christine Michael SEA (vs MIA), $3,700: He's the No. 1 RB for the Seahawks and facing a pretty ugly rushing defense. (Score: 6)

RB: Spencer Ware KC (vs SD), $4,400: Like Adam says below, a cheap no-brainer against a horrible Chargers defense. (25)

WR: Antonio Brown PIT (vs. WAS), $9,800: He's Antonio Brown. I'm not an idiot. (24)

WR: Marvin Jones Jr. DET (@ IND), $4,600: Calvin Johnson is retired and that leaves this guy and Golden Tate as Stafford's go-to-go guys. (8)

WR: Sammie Coates PIT (vs. WAS), $3,700: Martavis Bryant is suspended, Markus Wheaton is banged up ... Big Ben has to throw to someone other than Brown. (5)

TE: Greg Olsen CAR (@ DEN), $5,100: Cam Newton loves throwing to Olsen, so even against the Broncos' defense I'll take my chances. (7)

FLEX: Adrian Peterson MIN (@ TEN), $7,800: Um, it's Adrian playing for a team with Shaun Hill and a guy (Sam Bradford) who doesn't even know the offense yet. Think he'll get a few carries Sunday? (3)

DST: Seahawks (vs MIA), $3,900: Seattle in a home opener against a turnover-prone Miami offense is going to be a bloodbath. (15)

Total cost: $50,000 (Total score: 126)

Adam's team

QB: Matt Ryan ATL (vs TB), $7,100: I am a big fan of players who have second names that are also first names. Plus, he has Julio Jones. (Actual score: 28)

RB: Lamar Miller HOU (vs CHI), $7,000: If Lamar Miller was an 85-year-old with a zimmer frame, I'd still pick him against the Bears D. (Score: 11)

RB: Spencer Ware KC (vs SD), $4,400: A cheap no-brainer with Jamaal Charles injured, is what someone with knowledge about NFL would say. (25)

WR: T.Y. Hilton IND (vs DET), $7,500: The guy who's throwing him the ball is called Andrew LUCK – I can't lose! (7)

WR: Michael Crabtree OAK (@ NO), $5,500: Ok I'm not as ignorant about football as I'm making out. OAK v NO will be a shootout, Crabtree to grab TDs. (10)

WR: Sammy Watkins BUF (@BAL), $6,900: I mean ... who else is Tyrod Taylor going to throw it to? (4)

TE: Julius Thomas JAC (vs GB), $3,800: If there's one thing I know about football since moving to Minnesota, it's cheer against the Packers. (12)

FLEX: Marvin Jones Jr. DET (@IND), $4,600: Running out of funds now, I've read somewhere that this guy could be good, if Matt Stafford isn't sacked before he throws. (8)

DST: Vikings (@TEN), $3,100: All the way to the Super Bowl, baby. (24)

Total cost: $49,900 (Total score: 129)

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