Yes, the Wolves want to make money off you wanting to high-five Lebron


This will go in the strange but true file.

The Timberwolves have apparently decided that the Miami Heat coming to town is a big enough deal for you to pay a bit extra to high-five Heat players.

In an offer available to the first 60 buyers, the Wolves are dangling an upper-level ticket and a spot in a "fan tunnel" to high-five Lebron James and the Miami Heat as they take the Target Center floor this Saturday. high-five the opposing team.

Instead paying $75 for that, you could get tickets on StubHub to the game for $34.70, or you could wait until Minnesota takes on Philadelphia a week from Wednesday, and get the same seats you'd be sitting in to watch Wolves-Heat for $22.

But then you wouldn't get to high-five Michael Beasley.

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