You won't believe who Byron Buxton can't beat in a foot race

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No joke, Byron Buxton – one of the fastest players in baseball – can't beat his brother in a foot race.

Buxton's surprising claim came during an interview the "The Player's Playlist" with Twins Director of Communications Dustin Morse. You can hear the full show every Saturday 30 minutes before the Twins pregame show begins on Go 96.3 FM. This Saturday's show begins at 5:30 p.m.

Listen to Buxton's claim here.

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"I couldn't beat my dad until I was 17 ... and I still can't beat my brother," Buxton said. "He flies. I thought I was fast, but he flies."

Buxton's brother is 29 years old and he's in the Navy. Buxton couldn't beat his father in a foot race until he was 17.

That's an incredibly fast family.

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