You won't have to endure a Joe Buck lovefest for Aaron Rodgers on Sunday

Buck is gone covering baseball, so Rodgers will need a new promoter.

The Vikings and Packers are the featured FOX Game of the Week this Sunday and that usually means fans get three-plus hours of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call. 

Not this week, though. Buck is gone covering MLB postseason, meaning it'll be Thom Brennaman doing play-by-play. 

Last week, the national TV audience got an extra helping of Buck and Aikman when they called the Packers-Cowboys game. Aikman loves his Cowboys, and everyone knows Buck adores Rodgers to the point of nausea. 

I'm willing to admit that Buck isn't my favorite because he jumped all over Randy Moss when Moss fake mooned the fans at Lambeau Field in a 2005 playoff game.

Buck called it a "disgusting act." Little did Buck know (or did he?!) that Moss was simply re-gifting to Packers fans who line the streets and moon Vikings team buses as they arrive.

Anyway, pretty much the entire country will have the Vikings-Packers game on this week. 

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