Yum! Wolves rookie Zach LaVine's mouth-watering diet

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The National Health Service (not sure if there is one) has issued a severe yum-yum warning for anyone reading this.

At 1:20 p.m., trained food junkies spotted M&M's, cookie dough, chicken fettuccine and Now & Later's traveling from mouth to stomach at a high rate of caloric intake. Persons in the warned area should take cover, in a bed and take a food-coma nap.

That was fun, but seriously – those are some of the items in a professional athlete's diet. And that athlete is Timberwolves rookie Zach LaVine.

Sports Illustrated profiled a portion LaVine's diet. The 19-year-old tips the scales at a whopping 180 pounds, by the way.

The No. 13 overall pick discussed some of his favorite food items that are routinely stocked in his kitchen.

The items include:

  • Dairy Queen Cookie-Dough Blizzard: "I always get extra cookie dough," he says.
  • Hot Sauce: "I put Tabasco sauce over everything," he says.
  • Muscle Milk: "I can’t drink anything but chocolate,” he said. “I don’t even like any milk but chocolate."
  • Pasta: LaVine will devour a plate of chicken fettuccine, spaghetti or other kinds of pasta before every game.
  • Now & Later: The rookie used to store the candy in his locker at UCLA. He said his teammates used to raid to his locker to steal them.
  • Gatorade: He prefers the sports drink over water when he's playing because it "tastes better."

For the record, it doesn't sound like LaVine sits on his couch with all of these items mixed in a bowl. He eats the junk food sparingly and makes sure he maintains a balanced diet. He even eats fruit and other good energy foods before games.

As for LaVine's playing ability, he might be really good. An article from Bleacher Report points out some of the reasons that could make LaVine a "stud."

As we documented two weeks ago, some NBA experts have already compared LaVine to Oklahoma City point guard and former UCLA standout Russell Westbrook. Athleticism like this helps draw the lofty hype.

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